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Our founder

Korey Akers

Korey Akers found fitness through middle school and high school basketball where he was introduced to the weight room. He quickly became enamored with the idea of human performance and found it as more of an interesting and enjoyable activity, rather than a chore. When starting college at MTSU he enrolled in the Exercise Science Program where he learned about the anatomy and physiology of the body, and how exercise positively affects it. This is when he began doing some personal training on the side, while studying for his Bachelor’s degree. He was introduced to CrossFit through a classmate and his first workout of Running, Rowing, and pull-ups got him hooked. His undergrad internship took him to Tampa, FL to work for 5 months in the world of Corporate Wellness. Although he didn’t have a desire to stay with corporate wellness because his heart was more in sports performance, the internship paid off because his supervisor was a CrossFitter and taught him a lot. Over that summer Korey mixed CrossFit workouts with bodybuilding and other various training methods. It was during Graduate school when he got a job at a gym in downtown Nashville of which was split half and half; part CrossFit affiliate, part Globo gym. This is when he really started seeing the benefits of the CrossFit program. He began training all of his 1-on-1 clients through CrossFit methods, and also started coaching CrossFit classes as well. While in Grad school, and working at the gym in Nashville, he was also a Graduate Assistant for 3 semesters at MTSU, leading his own classes in Personal Conditioning and Beginning Weight training. Fun Fact: He actually got in trouble for teaching “CrossFit” to his fitness classes because the supervisor thought it was a fad and shouldn’t be taught in the gym. This was around 2010, when no one knew that CrossFit was going to be the single greatest change in the fitness industry since the bodybuilding craze in the 80’s. He hopes she reads this! During his final year in Grad School he decided to go all in on opening a CrossFit Affiliate in Murfreesboro. The final year of College was non-stop with opening the business along with teaching at the college and finishing his degree. However, it all paid off because upon graduating he was able to focus 100% on growing CrossFit Rampage. The first 4 years were in a smaller facility and business was tough. As CrossFit gained more mainstream attention, and Rampage moved into its current facility around 2015 things started picking up. Korey’s now wife, Molly, started the gym as a member in 2012. She, too, graduated from MTSU with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. She grew up playing soccer and swimming competitively. She had always been into fitness, but it wasn’t until joining CrossFit that she really started to fall in love with weight training and pushing her limits in training. In 2017 she came on as a part time coach, then in 2018 right before her wedding she started full time at Rampage. This allowed for tremendous growth in the business, as Molly also started the nutrition program which has seen great success. She now coaches, personal trains, and runs the nutrition program full time for Rampage. Since 2011 Rampage has helped thousands of people change their lives by educating them on fitness and nutrition. They continue to do so with expectations of becoming the #1 fitness training facility in Murfreesboro.

Our coaches

Korey Akers - Owner

Nashville Fit Magazine’s CrossFit Coach of the year 2018 Korey’s life passion is to help people realize what they are truly capable of. He opened CrossFit Rampage in 2011 because he wanted to do more than just tell people to “Do 10 reps on that machine.” He connects with every member and genuinely cares about them learning how to move better, exercise with safety and intensity, and get the most out of their time while at CrossFit Rampage. Korey went to MTSU for his bachelors and Masters in Exercise Science. While in Graduate school he was a Graduate Teaching assistant for 3 semesters teaching Personal Conditioning and Beginning Weight training. He then went on to personal train and learn how to coach CrossFit at a gym in Nashville Tennessee for a year prior to opening Rampage. Korey is CrossFit Level 1 and 2 certified.

Molly Akers - Owner

Owner, Personal Trainer, Head of our Nutrition program & CrossFit Coach-
Molly always has a smile on her face & you can hear her laugh from a mile away. She believes that if you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong. She found CrossFit in late 2012 and fell in Love at the start. She attempts to be the best athlete and coach she can be and wants others to realize their full potential in the sport. Molly has her Bachelors in Exercise Science and has her Precision Nutrition PN1 & 2, making her a certified nutritionist. She got her CF Level 1 at the beginning of 2017. CrossFit has taught her that being strong is beautiful and wants to make it her mission to spread the message to as many women as she can.

Gretchen Woods

JT Farmer

Former collegiate baseball player, JT has been doing CrossFit since the summer of 2018. After his baseball career ended, he began looking for a way to stay in shape and be competitive & found it by joining CrossFit Rampage in 2018. Since then he has competed in multiple competitions (including second place in the 2020 Rampage Christmas Throwdown).

In late 2019, his desire to grow even more became a reality as he joined the Rampage internship program as a step in his journey to be an all around better CrossFit athlete and coach. JT is loud and motivating and his biggest push is to see people give it all they got and become 1% better today so they can become great tomorrow. He’s never met a person he can’t strike up a conversation with. JT graduated with a bachelors degree in Sports Management from MTSU in 2017 has been a coach since May of 2020 and is eager to continue to grow as a coach and athlete.

Ali Barker

Ali can usually be found in a conversation laughing with someone and will always give you a quick hello and a warm welcome. She was persuaded to try CrossFit by her sister and brother-in-law JT (also a coach) and finally tried it in 2018. She hasn’t regretted it since! Now Ali’s goal is to be a learner of good movement, a growing coach and athlete, and to help people maximize their health through physical fitness.

Addy Cahill

Addy is a former rugby player, but her fitness journey really began in early 2018 after attending her first “No Sweat Intro” with Korey! She quickly became a member at CrossFit Rampage, and fell in love with CrossFit instantly. Throughout the years, her fitness journey took off, as she decided to take her health seriously. Focusing on fitness and nutrition, Addy was able to achieve all her goals she had set for herself. Her fitness journey is truly amazing, ask her about it sometime!

 Addy graduated from MTSU with her bachelors degree in Exercise Science, and later went back to school for her bachelors in Nursing. After graduating from Nursing School and landing an ICU position, Addy showed interest in coaching at Rampage. She later joined the Rampage Coaching Internship Program, and started coaching in December of ’21.

As a new coach, she is very eager to continue her education in CrossFit. She enjoys working with people who work on themselves, she loves making connections with everybody, and is truly inspired by the members of the gym. She loves jokes, pineapple on pizza, and she can have a conversation with just about anybody!

Taylor Hatch

As a former collegiate soccer player at MTSU, Taylor has always enjoyed being competitive. After graduating in 2020 and hanging up her cleats for the last time, She knew she needed a place to feed that competitive spirit again. She began CrossFit at the beginning of 2021 and knew she had found exactly what she was looking for. 

Taylor has her bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science with a minor in Nutrition and she has always had a passion for fitness. By the end of 2021 an opportunity arose to begin interning at CrossFit Rampage and she jumped right in. She has loved being able to play a role in helping people move their body well and have fun doing it!  

Joseph Bolta

After a childhood of seemingly endless sports and activities, Joseph found himself stuck in the cycle of a sedentary corporate lifestyle post college. Playing adult league softball soon became Joseph’s only source of physical activity, which led to weight gain and general fatigue. During one of these softball games, he experienced a life-altering injury after being struck in the head with a ball (ask him about it sometime). This accident would lead him down an unlikely fitness journey and love for Obstacle Course Racing.
A year or so after the accident, Joseph and his wife Casey moved up to Murfreesboro from South Florida. After settling into their new home, Joseph and Casey were looking for some community and decided to give CrossFit a try. Since walking into Rampage for their No Sweat Intro back in June of 2022, they haven’t looked back!
Joseph has a real passion for connecting with others, especially through health and fitness, so CrossFit Rampage was a natural fit. If you haven’t met him yet, I can assure you he looks forward to meeting you soon so go say “Hey!”.

Joseph Phillips

Joseph is a United States Marine and former police officer who has been enamored with fitness ever since finding the weight room at his local gym back in high school. He found CrossFit after returning from Afghanistan and initially joined CrossFit Rampage in 2013. After a few months as an athlete, Joseph joined CrossFit Rampage as a Coach. Unfortunately, Joseph moved to Memphis shortly after, leaving CrossFit Rampage, but continued his journey in fitness by gaining his certifications in USAW Level 1, IYCA Youth Strength and Conditioning, and his NSCA Certificated Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

He moved back to the Middle Tennessee Area and came back home to CrossFit Rampage after a few short years in Memphis. Joseph strives to be the best coach in the room and wants to see all that he coaches reach their full potential. He also trains to become a better athlete in masters competitions in Olympic Weightlifting and CrossFit.

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