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I’ve always been intimated by CrossFit quite honestly, but since joining Rampage in August, I’ve been in awe by the thoughtfulness owners, Korey and Molly, put into every exercise and aspect of the gym. You can be highly advanced or just beginning like me, and feel completely comfortable and inspired to get better. 10/10 recommend!
Courteney. I.
Finishing up month 2 at Crossfit Rampage, I've been reflecting on what makes me the most proud to be at this gym. The facilities, events, community, and programming are all amazing features. However, I prefer to look past these layers and want to recognize the source. The #1 attribute at this gym is leadership. The leadership team does not work out of obligation (like so many other gyms), but, instead, out of passion! They have the passion to create an unparalleled gym experience! The leaders and coaches work hard to be experts in their craft, emphasize personal relationships, and happily carry out all the required actions to provide amazing features to our community! May they never lose this!
Reid. W.
CrossFit Rampage is a great gym! The personal training is excellent, nutrition coaching is personalized and structured, and the group classes are fun and challenging. The coaches really know their stuff and care about your performance and success. The atmosphere is also very welcoming and I’ve met many like-minded people with similar goals. I have been to many gyms in several states and utilized many fitness services over the years and can confidently say that Rampage is top notch. Highly recommend!!!
Caitlin. F.
I moved into town in 2022 and was looking for a gym to call home. EVEN before I stepped into the gym, I already knew how attentive the owners were. 1. They asked me how to pronounce my name 2. They gave me clear instructions on where to find the gym once I got there. It was such a small but kind gesture and it truly was some early insight to how Crossfit Rampage operates. The coaches there really care about each and every member and make the conscious effort to ensure that everyone feels attended to. It's not an easy job and I have been to plenty of other Crossfit Gyms that are just not able to achieve this. This place really is member-focused and I feel very well taken care of every time I step in, no matter what time of season I may be going through during my training. Would highly recommend!!
Alessa. V.

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