5 Ways Joining Rampage Can Make You Money

Although the gym isn’t writing paychecks and handing out money for your excellent performances on your workouts, it is allowing you the opportunity to make and keep exercise as a priority. When this happens, over a long enough period of time you start saving a lot of money that you’d otherwise be spending as a result of being less fit and healthy.

1. Better Mental Acuity  

Working out isn’t just about building muscle or shedding pounds – it’s a powerful tool to enhance mental acuity as well. Physical exercise stimulates the release of endorphins, which not only boost mood but also improve cognitive function. Through increased blood flow to the brain, exercise fosters sharper focus, better memory retention, and heightened creativity. Regular exercise will lead to improved problem-solving abilities and overall mental clarity. With improved mental clarity at work, you can do better work, and become a more valuable asset to your employer or team.

2. Increased Energy and Immunity 

Everyone’s busy, and everyone’s stressed, and everyone’s drained…. but is there a solution? Maintaining high energy levels and a robust immune system is essential to being and feeling healthy. Regular fitness plays a pivotal role in achieving both. Consistent physical activity helps improve cardiovascular health, increasing the efficiency of oxygen delivery to cells and tissues, leading to sustained energy levels throughout the day. Moreover, exercise has been linked to a strengthened immune system, making us more resilient against illnesses. This keeps us from getting sick, and not having to pay for doctors visits and take unnecessary time off of work.

3. Health-Care Savings

Regular fitness doesn’t just pay off in terms of how we feel; it also has a significant impact on our healthcare expenses. By committing to a fitness routine, we reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension. For instance, consider the cost of diabetes medications – an annual supply of insulin alone can easily surpass $1,000. By staying active and maintaining a healthy weight, individuals can potentially eliminate or reduce the need for such costly prescriptions, leading to substantial long-term savings.
Here are a few other common medications that may be avoided by regular exercise:

  • Statins: Statins are prescribed to manage high cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease. On average, the co-pay for a one-month supply can range from $5 to $50, depending on the specific medication and insurance coverage.
  • Blood Pressure Medications: These medications are prescribed to manage hypertension (high blood pressure). Co-pays for a one-month supply can range from $5 to $30.
  • Antidepressants (e.g., Sertraline, Escitalopram): Antidepressants are prescribed to treat various mood disorders. Co-pays for a one-month supply can range from $5 to $50.

Most folks have health insurance, but are still paying co-pays on these drugs.

4. Reductions in Clothing Costs

One often overlooked benefit of regular fitness is the impact it has on our wardrobe. Fluctuations in weight can lead to a cycle of purchasing new clothes as sizes change. By prioritizing fitness, we can maintain a stable weight, reducing the need for frequent wardrobe updates. Unless you’re a fashionista who must always buy new clothes, keeping a steady weight may allow you to wear the same clothes for,…well,… ever, if you wanted!

5. Reduced Fast-Food Costs

Fast food might seem convenient, but it often comes at the cost of our health and our wallets. Regular fitness encourages healthier eating habits and a greater appreciation for nourishing our bodies with wholesome foods. As a result, the reliance on costly fast food options decreases. Although fast food seems cost efficient in the moment, if you compare it to buying groceries (aka, bulk food) and cooking your meals at home throughout the week, you’ll see a big savings over the course of the year.

In conclusion, the benefits of regular fitness extend far beyond the physical realm. From boosting mental acuity and energy levels to curbing healthcare expenses and fostering healthier lifestyle choices, incorporating fitness into our lives has a transformative effect and can keep more money in your wallet!

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