Your 1st WOD

Nervous about your first workout? Worried about not knowing what will happen when you walk in on day 1? Butterflies, because you’re

sure that everyone in the class is going to be a firebreathing fitness monster and you’ll look like a baby deer on ice? Well don’t be. It won’t be like this at all. As a matter of fact, most of us are nervous about every single workout we do, and very few of us are that fitness monster that you’re worried about. CrossFit classes are mainly made up of your normal every day citizens, from a school teacher, student, doctor, retired factory worker etc looking for better health and fitness. Here is a short list of things to know about your 1st wod (workout of the day) to help you calm those butterflies hyped up on redbull that are multiplying in your stomach.

1. Looking good doesnt make you perform any better. Wear whats comfortable, its exercise people, not Americas Next Top Model.

2. Even people who have been doing this awhile still aren’t masters at the movements, we’re always learning too.

3. The coach for the given class will direct everyone on what to do from the warm up to the workout to the cool down.

4. You will warm up and the coach will make sure you are comfortable with all the movements before the workout starts.

5. Everyone does the same workout (aside from adjustments made for different skill levels).

6. Everyones’ name is written on the whiteboard and everyone starts the workout at the same time, on 3,2,1,..GO!

7. Finish the workout as quickly as possible with good form. We’ll be there to make sure of it.

8. Your time is then written on the whiteboard, so as to serve for motivation for the next time!

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