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Korey Akers 15440516_10157890347650284_7265999088138020451_o

CrossFit changed my mind about…. The way people ‘should’ be exercising, how far I am physically capable of pushing my body,and the importance of fitness over aesthetics.

Favorite thing about CrossFit… The fact that anyone can do it, because it its infinitely scaleable, and it has the ability to cause a profound change in peoples lives.

In the kitchen I make a mean… Scrambled eggs!

Explain CrossFit in 5 words… A life changing fitness program.




B.S. Exercise Science.
M.S. Exercise Science.
CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer.
CrossFit Level 2 Certified Trainer.
Strength Specific Seminars Bronze Level

Steve RiesserFile_000-36


CrossFit changed my mind about….


Favorite thing about CrossFit… 

In the kitchen I make a mean… 


Explain CrossFit in 5 words… 





Hunter Ward  15493641_10157890197210284_748083034584066725_o


Daniel Uthus

Alex Bergin15369147_10157890218385284_7052001914269958911_o

Molly Jackel16804039_10154993819243334_2515725007217256172_o



Spealler & Roman