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CrossFit changed my mind about…. The way people ‘should’ be exercising, how far I am physically capable of pushing my body,and the importance of fitness over aesthetics.

Favorite thing about CrossFit… The fact that anyone can do it, because it its infinitely scaleable, and it has the ability to cause a profound change in peoples lives.

In the kitchen I make a mean… Scrambled eggs!

Explain CrossFit in 5 words… You free tomorrow at 9:00am?

I dare you to name this movie quote “Why’s the carpet all wet Todd? I dont know Margo”

If there was a movie about your life, who would play the lead? Will Smith..wait..that kinda doesn’t work does it.

Favorite movement(s)? Overhead Squat, Snatch

Least favorite movement. Ring Dips

Favorite Cheat Meal. Mint chocolate chip Pizookies. Mint chocolate chip ice cream over half baked cookie dough.

Favorite Movie? Its a tie between Wedding Crashers and Talladega Nights

Would you rather drink 4 gallons of chocolate milkshake or eat 4lbs of steak?  Can I get Ice Cream as an option? Ok, Milkshake.

Row 5k or do 200 burpees? Oh man, thats’ rough.. I wanna say 200 burpees, but 100 sucks bad enough, I wouldn’t wanna think about doubling that suck… then again, 5k is about equivalent to walking across hot coals and glass for 3.2 miles


B.S. Exercise Science.
M.S. Exercise Science.
CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer.
CrossFit Coaches Prep Course Attendant.
Strength Specific Seminars Bronze Level

Nik Mula

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CrossFit changed my mind about….

What it means to really work hard in terms of exercise and how the human body was meant to move in the real world.

Favorite thing about CrossFit… 

The ability to continuously test and track your fitness improvements via competition is truly fascinating. Also, the fact that weightlifting is a huge component of Crossfit is a close second.

In the kitchen I make a mean… 

Breakfast casserole! Eggs, potatoes, hot sauce, and either bacon, sausage, steak or a combination of all three is money!

Explain CrossFit in 5 words… 

Taking control of your health!

I dare you to name this movie quote

“Rule number 76, no excuses play like a champion!”

If there was a movie about your life, who would play the lead? 

He may be a tad large for the role, but I have a feeling Vince Vaughn would do my life story justice.

Favorite movement(s)?

The snatch and the pull-up, in all of its variations. Those are two pretty smooth looking movements when performed correctly.

Least favorite movement?

Favorite Cheat Meal? 
Steak chimichangas smothered in white cheese dip…… mmmmmmm

Favorite Movie? 

Tough call… Narrowing it down to either Wedding Crashers or Fight Club

Would you rather drink 4 gallons of chocolate milkshake or eat 4lbs of steak?  
Bring on the BEEF!

Row 5k or do 200 burpees? 
I’ll take that row over 200 burpees any day.


Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

B.S in Exercise Science

CPR/First Aid





I’m pretty much the coolest dude ever. I enjoy running around, eating, barking, and tearing up empty water bottles.  I’m faster than you. Promise. I rarely bark, but I like to jump and play. My PR box jump is 36″. I’m not mean at all, so even if you’re not a dog person, no worries! Give me treats and I will love you right away!


I’m this cute little grey and white fella. Little brother of Spealler, but I plan to be bigger than him one day. I’m so little right now I dont even know what I like and dont like, but I do know that peeing and chewing things are pretty sweet. I’m at the gym most days, so feel free to come say hi!