Classes start on time, so be there a few minutes early to make sure that you’ve taken care of anything you need to in order to start the warmup at the scheduled time.

In order to join a class, you must be a member of the gym. To become a member, you must first go through our FOUNDATIONS PROGRAM. Check out more about that here.

Should you need to wear some sort of special shoes, use the bathroom 3x, do a pre-warm up for your warm-up or you simply need more time to get moving, then get here EARLY!

Warmups include a dynamic warmup followed by either skill practice, mobility or strength work.  Mobility work may include dynamic or static stretching, the use of bands, foam rollers, or lacrosse balls. Strength work is usually either powerlifting or olypmic weightlifting, as well as accessory movements with kettlebells, dumbbells and bodyweight exercises. Immediately following is the WOD, or “workout of the day.”  This portion is categorized best as the conditioning part of the workout. Workouts last anywhere from 5 to 35 minutes, normally in the range of 8-15 though. You will be done with everything including the workout within an hour, therefore you can plan your daily schedule accordingly.