Here at CrossFit Rampage we don’t expect you to know what CrossFit is before you walk in the door. That’s why we’re going to schedule a free 1-on-1 intro session with you and our head coach to give you a feel for the gym. Once you’ve completed your intro session, we’ll discuss our how you can complete the rest of our Foundations program which is 3 more 1 hour sessions (all 1 on 1 ).  The 3 Foundations classes can be scheduled and completed as soon as your availability allows. Most people take 2 weeks to complete it, however its not uncommon for someone to get all 3 done in 1 week.

Improving your fitness, losing weight, gaining muscle, or basically any physical improvement in your body takes time and dedication. This is the reason we offer 3 month agreements, so that you have enough time training to start achieving your goals. Don’t fool yourself, 1 month of exercise is not going to give you the improvements you want. This is also why we only offer 3x/week as the minimum amount per week, because honestly if you’re only making exercise a priority 2x/week, you arent going to see much benefit from it. However, if you are a sport specific athlete or are training for something and want to use CrossFit as supplemental exercise 2x/week we will definitely allow it, just ask us.

**All new members must complete the Foundations Program before starting with the regular classes**







1 Free intro session, then
3, 1-on-1 sessions
(usually 2 weeks)

4 individually coached sessions.


*All sessions are focused on learning the foundations of CF in a one on one coaching environment.
*We encourage you to try to complete all 3 sessions within 2 weeks.
*Scheduling will be 1 session at a time, and at the end of the session the next one will be scheduled.

**If you’re a full time student, scroll down below this chart**





Really Committed to my fitness

12 Months





Committed to my fitness

6 months





Somewhat Committed to my fitness

3 months





 *Unlimited memberships include access to Open Gym at all hours.

FULL TIME STUDENT (High School, MTSU, or other local university)
$80/month.  4x/week membership, 3 month commitment. Accounts can be held over Christmas Break and extended the duration of the hold.
$90/month. 4x/week membership, month-by-month.

The commitments are there for each person to give what we offer a long enough time period to see some results from it. After the initial commitment is up, your membership will continue to automatically withdraw from your account unless you opt to cancel or suspend. We do not stop withdrawing unless YOU cancel or ask to hold your membership AFTER the initial commitment. 


    $25/month add on to current membership for 2x/week. Monthly agreement.
    Classes are at 5:00pm Monday, 6:00pm Wednesday. All strength training focused.
    The Rampage:Strong class is a 1 hour class focused on any and all movements that will make you stronger. We’re not working cardio or gymnastics skill here. You’ll experience lifts from the worlds of Powerlifting (squat, deadlift, bench), Olympic weightlifting (Clean & Jerk, and Snatch, along with all the variations), Bodybuilding (curls, tricep extensions, calf raises, crunches, etc.), Strongman (tire flips, sled drags, farmers carries, heavy shoulder to OH), as well as any other heavy lifting movements that can benefit your overall strength. This class is for ALL LEVELS. It is completely scalable, as you’ll just be doing more or less weight dependent on your strength. We offer this class to give you a break from the speed and intensity of the CrossFit class, and allow you to let out some stress by coming in and just lifting some weights!
  • OPEN GYM ACCESS: $15 add-on for any current 3x/week CF membership, $50 for non-CF memberships.
    Our Open Gym area is set aside from where we have CrossFit Classes at, so you’ll be able to do all of your weightlifting, crossfit, or other fitness routines without interrupting any classes. When classes are not in session, but the gym is open, the entire gym is available for open gym.
    Check out the pictures on our instagram page @crossfitrampage to see a layout of the gym. Also, we’d like to invite you to come by and see the gym for yourself. Just shoot us an email via the form on the right side of this page and we’ll be more than glad to schedule a time to show you around.
  • PERSONAL TRAINING: See prices below
  • OUT OF TOWN DROP INS:  We do day passes for $15, multi-day passes for $10/day up to 5 days.
  • We offer 20 classes from M-Sat, as well as 26.5 hours of Open gym.

Looking for a more personalized approach? Weight Loss? Sports training? Need a strengthphoto-37 bias? Endurance specific?
We offer individualized 1-on-1 personal training sessions as well as individualized programming for those that don’t need an on-site coach, but want the guidance of a specific program.

Sessions will be specifically tailored to your needs, which will be determined in our intro session. The sessions can be scheduled various times of the day Mon-Sat.


  • Private Training Sessions –
    $30/half hr,
    30 minute session x 5: $125
    45 minute session x 5: $175
    60 minute session x 5: $225
  • **Training rates are listed as rates with the head coach (Korey Akers), please inquire about rates with our other coaches.

**Must have an Open gym membership if performing the work at Rampage. 

  • $80/month with 2 month agreement.
  • $115/month Rampage Open Gym + Individual Programming combo deal.
  • This is for the person who doesn’t need a coach on-site as they are training, but needs a specific program designed with their own needs and goals in mind.
  • Examples could be someone who wants to gain overall strength, or someone who wants to get stronger at just the Olympic Lifts, someone prepping for the CrossFit Open or other CrossFit competition, someone with a limitation (i.e. injury, or other) and needs a plan that helps them get back on track.


This is for the individual who consistently attends CrossFit classes 3+ times per week and is seeking additional work to target specific goals. Supplement work will be provided on a 2 or 3 day per week basis, in sessions that are aimed at 30-45 minutes. An initial meeting will be scheduled with the coach to assess goals and movement comprehension.

*All supplemental programming memberships automatically include OPEN GYM membership.

  • 2 day Per week supplemental programming: Month by Month basis (no agreement term) $40/mo
    3 day Per week supplemental programming: Month by Month basis (no agreement term) $55/mo
  • 2 day Per week supplemental programming: 3 month agreement $30/mo
    3 day Per week supplemental programming: 3 month agreement $45/mo.

*Same contract terms apply as our regular CrossFit Rampage Class memberships.
The idea behind the 3 month agreement is so that the coach has adequate time to work you through the necessary cycles of building strength / conditioning. Knowing a client will be putting in at least 3 months of work allows the coach to better develop programs for long term success.


  • Private Nutrition Consultation (30 min) – $50
    Sit down with one of our coaches and discuss your nutritional goals, current diet, and strategies to move you towards your goal. You’ll go home with a sample template to help you start making your way towards your goal.
  • Personalized Plan
    Includes Consultation + a plan just for you.   – $115
    -Find out how much you really should be eating per your age/sex/activity level. You’ll leave with a breakdown of how many Carbs, Protein, and Fat grams you should be consuming per day to meet your fitness goals. Weightless, performance, and weight gain will all look a little different, so stop guessing at what you’re eating, and let us help you. You will also be provided examples of what types of food to consume to meet these #’s on a daily basis, as well as learn an easy-to-use way of keeping track.
  • Personalized Plan + 5 follow up check-ins $175
    Includes Consultation and Plan listed above, plus 5 check ins to continue holding you accountable for ongoing success.

Check out our Getting Started page for more info.