CrossFit Rampage

CrossFit Rampage is a gym, plain and simple. Started in the summer of 2011 with a goal of changing the health and wellness of the citizens of Murfreesboro, TN. Our training is about emphasizing proper form of natural human movement through the use of free weights, not machines. We know that intensity in a workout is what brings about the best results, and we are here to help you maximize your relative intensity in every workout. Relative intensity is exactly that, relative to you, not to everyone else. What may seem really difficult for one person may come easy to the next, and we will help each individual scale their workout accordingly.

We don’t use machines which are designed to take the skill out of human movement, because that is a surefire way to not get you fit. CrossFit involves simple and complex, multi-joint human movements, and we are able to properly teach them by recognizing and correcting faults in those movements. We’ll teach you how to move correctly, as you were designed to do. Things like leg extension machines, ellipticals and bodybuilding movements do nothing for aiding you in moving more effectively. Consequently, coaching expertise makes a difference.  Greg Glassman, the CrossFit founder, has said that even bad CrossFit training is better than almost all other training, and this is true.  By comparison, good CrossFit training is remarkably more effective.

The Gym

Every CrossFit gym is different, and they all have different vibes. They’re not like McDonalds or Snap Fitness where they’re all the same. Some allow guests, some don’t. Some mind if you bring your dog, we’d love you to. Some won’t allow chalk, We do! Some gyms won’t allow you to take your shirt off during the wod, and yell about how awesome it is, but we don’t mind.  We encourage you to try out our gym to see if it suits the way you want to work out.

Our gym is in a freestanding warehouse style building. The 6,000sq ft building includes 2 bathrooms, both with showers, a lounge area, and 4,200sq ft of open floorspace inside + 10,000sq ft of outdoor space, filled with13308560_10156975462590284_8788097401273073016_o

  • barbells and bumper plates, to lift overhead and make loud noises
  • pullup bars, for all sorts of fun
  • gymnastics rings, to hang and swing on and make you strong
  • rowers, to row..obviously
  • kettlebells, to swing
  • plyo boxes, to jump on
  • ropes, to climb
  • white boards, to draw funny pictures on
  • tires, to flip..thats what tires are made for right?
  • jump ropes, to bring back your inner child
  • a whole bunch of motivating people, to make your experience even better!

Ready to get started? Check out our Getting Started page to find out how.