Fitness at 40, 50, 60+ yrs old


You clicked on this page because you’re over 40 years old and interested in CrossFit. Right?
You’ve likely heard the common stereotypes of “you’ll get hurt” or “you’re too old for that.” Maybe you’ve even convinced yourself that CrossFit is only for the younger-more-athletic generation. But why? Who says you can’t still exercise and feel athletic. With the appropriate exercises and a knowledgable coach who cares about your well being and progress, it is 100% possible to do CrossFit. Trust us, we see it every day!

The folks over at the CrossFit Headquarters Media department continue to put out great content year after year on topics from nutrition to exercise demo’s, working out while pregnant, and doing CrossFit in your elder years.

Here’s a playlist they created specifically for those over 40+ who have an interest in CrossFit. Relax and watch a video or two and see where it takes you!

Should you then be interested in seeing how CrossFit Rampage can help, click HERE to see a calendar where you can book a free No-Sweat intro to have a chat with our head coach about what we offer.