2/8/18 Aerobic Thursday Anyhow


Warm Up:

10ea: Plank Knee tuck + Single Leg D.Dog
7 High Jumps
8 Switch Jumps
10 Air Squats
Bear Crawl x D
Crab Walk x B
Lateral Plank Walk x ½ D&B
(class will split in half, and start on opposite sides, and lateral plank walk to the middle of the gym, then change direction and go back to their start side)
30 Hollow Swings (yes, 30)

Skill, Strength, or Mobility:

0) 10 Unbroken Deadlifts (55% 1rm)
1) :30s Ring Plank
2) 15 Sit-ups


10 rounds NOT for time:
-can round complete in any order, but must do all movements once before starting next round.

10 Calorie Row
8 Push-ups (OR) HSPU x appropriate #
5 Double KB Front Rack Squats
8 Strict Empty Bar Press
5 Double KB HPC & Jerk