2/14/18 D2W1 Olympic Prep


Today is day 2 in our 8 week prep of Olympic lifting for the Members Only Weightlifting Competition April 14th. On monday’s we’re working Snatch technique and strength work, while on Wednesdays we’ll be doing the same for the Clean & Jerk. It’d be in your best interest to be consistent with your attendance on these Monday & Wednesdays as each weeks work will build on the prior week. Writing down (or at least remembering) your weights on each weeks movements will be very beneficial.

Warm Up:

2 sets of:
Row 250/200 (faster on 2nd set)
15 Russian KBS
10 Walking Lunges (no weight)
6 Cossacks
3 Inchworms
First w/ PVC, then with Bar:

3 Halting Clean DL (above knee)
3 Hang Clean High Pull
3 Hang Muscle Clean
3 Hang Cleans decreasing Depth
3 Tall Split Jerks

Skill, Strength, or Mobility:

A) 5 sets: E30Sec: 2 Hang Muscle Clean + 2 Split Jerks. Light.

B) Hang Clean High Pull: 4 x 2, EMOTM increasing.

C) Hang Squat Clean: 7 x 1 @ 75% of “B” No Time Clock.


C2B Pull ups
Hang Squat Clean
Men: 145-165-185-205-225
Women: 115-125-135-145-155
Pull ups
Hang Squat Clean
Men: 115-135-155-175-185
Women: 75-85-95-105-115

Same reps,
Very Challenging Kipping Ring Rows
Hang Power Clean
Men: 75-95-115-135-155
Women: 45-55-65-75-85