2/13/18 Only 5 Minutes


Warm Up:

Row or Bike with purpose x 1:30

2 sets:
2 x Grasshopper (L) + D.Dog + Grasshpper (R) + D.Dog
5ea, Single Leg Glute Bridge
5 x Up Down
6 x double DB P.P. + Step Forward & Back w/ DBs OH
10ea Single Leg RDL w/ support

Do all with same arm, then switch.
Single Arm DB Upright row x 10
Sg. Arm DB Front Squat x 5
Sg. Arm DB Hang Snatch x 10

Skill, Strength, or Mobility:

3 sets:
A1) 5 KB Snatches + 6 OH Walking Lunge (R)
A2) 5 KB Snatches + 6 OH Walking Lunge (L)
A3) RKC Plank w/ Slide x 10

*Increase weight each set.



5 Minute AMRAP w/ a Judge, Open Style:
CrossFit.com workout 180208
3 Deadlifts (275/185)
7 Push Press (115/75)

Men: 185lb DL, 85lb PP
Women: 125lb DL, 55lb PP

Men: 125lb DL, 55lb PP
Women: 75lb DL, 35lb PP