2/10/18 Lifting Heavy


Warm Up:


Bear Crawl Down (fwd) & Back (bkwd)
Walking High Toe Touch x Down
Reverse Hurdlers x Back
Forward Travel KBSwing x Down
Overhead S.A. KB Carry x D&B each.
Row x 1:30 // DB RDL (2) + HPC (2) + FS (2) + PP (2)
2 sets:
Dynamic Grasshopper x 6ea
Jumping Grasshopper x 6
Frog Jump into Squat Jump x 5
Push-up Negative + Cobra Push-up + D.Dog x 5

Skill, Strength, or Mobility:

Coach led Snatch Drills.

Coach led Clean & Jerk Drills.


In teams of 2 or 3 (depending on class size)

3 attempts to find a 1rm Snatch.
3 attempts to find a 1rm Clean & Jerk.

The team will have 90 seconds for all partners to perform their attempt.

The highest single combined team attempt will be the total score for that lift.

Bonus points in the amount of 10lbs will be awarded for using the Hook Grip, making leg contact, and catching the bar overhead with full lock-out.