An Oral Surgeon, Rugby Coach, and Insurance Agent walk into a gym


Blog #8. 1/9/18

I wish this were actually a well thought out, super witty joke with an amazing punchline. Sorry to disappoint, because it’s not. This is a reality of a few of the occupations of the folks who are members of my gym who regularly attend our lunchtime noon class.

The purpose of this blog post is to inform you of how diverse a group of people actually do CrossFit. I’m not just speaking about at my gym, but we could scale this to thinking globally. There are over 14,000 gyms worldwide, all ranging anywhere from 30 members to 3,000 members. Yes, I’ve heard of a multi-level gym in downtown New York that has 3,000 members! Sure, there are a small percentage of stereotypical freak athletes among the likely half a million people doing CrossFit. However, I’d venter to say that 80+% of the CrossFitters worldwide are your average person workout out 3-4x per week to improve their fitness a bit and live a healthier lifestyle.

People don’t have to share the same job, interests, social networks, or political views to become a member of a CrossFit gym. All they have to share is the desire to improve their health and fitness. That single commonality alone with create bonds and friendships naturally amongst drastically different individuals. There’s something about going through a really hard workout with others that brings groups of people together. This is not something we plan on, expect, or even try to foster at Rampage. It just happens. And it happens a lot. Since opening my gym I’ve seen close friendships develop, relationships spawned, even a few which led to marriage and some now that have kids, and thousands of smiles and high-fives amongst people who were complete strangers prior to CrossFit. It’s more about the experiences than it is the sets and reps and times on the whiteboard.

So next time you hear so-and-so say “CrossFit isn’t for me”… educate them that it really can be, because theirs likely someone already out there that has similar profile as them doing it!

Just for fun, I put together a quick list off the top of my head of the occupations of a handful of our members at CrossFit Rampage. I’m missing a lot, and quite a few of these are jobs of numerous people at the gym, but this should provide a good understanding of how different everyone that does CrossFit is.

Rugby Coach
Mortgage Lender
Restoration Company Owner
Stay at Home Mom
Insurance Agent
Real Estate Agent
College Student
Book Store Owner
Commercial Kitchen Appliances Owner
Roofing contractor
Computer Engineer
Grocery Store Employee
Supplement Shop Manager
Airplane Mechanic
Oral Surgeon
Healthcare Worker
High School Teacher
College Teacher
Moving Company Owner

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