Moms, CrossFit is like your minivan


Blog #6. 1/7/18

Yeah, you read that title correctly.

If you own a minivan, it was likely a very purposeful choice. You needed a vehicle that could do a lot. Most importantly, haul a bunch of kids, but also, be reliable, spacious and have all the bells and whistles that a mom needs. A minivan is built for growth. A minivan wasn’t purchased because someone had a spouse + 4 kids and thought “yeah, it’s time to ditch the coupe and get a minivan.”By then it was already too late.  It was probably bought after kid # 2 and the realization that #3 and more might come in the future and you’d need a vehicle that would accommodate growth.

A mom doesn’t want a different vehicle for all her different needs. She wants one. One that can do everything. And if the minivan does just that.

How about when that same busy mom wants to start an exercise program?

Does she need multiple different gym memberships to suit all her needs?

Yoga for the flexibility, Zumba for the coordination, Spin for the cardio, Bootcamp for the bodyweight “tone” and also a Personal Trainer twice a week for the strength training she’s not comfortable with. (For more on that last part, check out my blog post But I don’t know how to lift weights: Every girls nightmare )

No. She wants one.

Unfortunately, I’ve met many women who do indeed have 2,3, even 4 different gym memberships because they think that’s what it takes to be “fit.” Can you imagine the price tag?!! And the juggling of gym schedules and class times. That’s enough stress in itself to keep someone from going to the gym at all.

CrossFit does it all. It’s a program that allows continued growth, and touches all pillars of fitness. Ask any mom who truly does CrossFit and she’ll let you know that trying to piece together a fitness routine with multiple programs is a thing of the past. She instead just goes to CrossFit 3 to 5 times per week. Every week. Consistently. She puts in 100% effort when she’s there and doesn’t complain that it’s hard. It’s supposed to be, it’s working out, not play time.

On Monday she did a 30 minute cardio session that also included some bodyweight lunges and push-ups. Tuesday she came in and the workout was mainly strength training, and her coach helped her lift a new PR (personal record) weight on a back squat. (The back squat is potentially the most useful and beneficial exercises of all exercises.)

She took Wednesday off because the kids had games and such after school. Thursday she worked on upper and lower body flexibility after the warm-up with some stretches led by the coach. That was followed up by an intense 15 minute workout that used a rowing machine, dumbbells and a jump rope. Friday she didn’t want to go, but a few of her girlfriends from the gym said they were going to the 4:00 class and they hoped to see her there. The workout had a lot of running. She hates running, so she showed up, because the coaches encourage everyone to work extra hard on the things they aren’t good at.

After the Friday class, one of those same girlfriends reminded her that the Saturday class is always a partner workout, and that she needed a partner. The saturday class was one of those you post on Facebook about. Although only about 18 minutes long, it was super hard. She pushed even harder than normal because she couldn’t let her partner down. The workout was a long list of exercises, which included a lot of work on the Airdyne (much like a spin-bike, but the handles move too, so,…harder). When she was finished, she was super proud of the effort she put in all week. She was happy for an upcoming rest day on Sunday, but was anxious to go workout again Monday, at CrossFit.

Upon leaving the gym, she hopped in her minivan and headed to Target .

If you’re interested in learning more about the fitness program that is CrossFit, click here to book a No Sweat Intro to have a chat with one of the coaches at CrossFit Rampage so we can find out how we can best help you.