You’ve been researching CrossFit online for weeks.


Blog #11. 1/23/18

There have been so many people that have started at my gym and on day one have told me “I’ve been following your instagram page for months!”

Here’s how that usually goes:

A friend told you about CrossFit and it intrigued you. You found the hashtag “#girlswholift” then followed some CrossFit Games superstars like Sara Sigmundsdottir and Brooke Wells on instagram. In a few weeks time you’ve visited all of the local CrossFit gyms websites multiple times. Compared prices. Scoped out the instagram pages of all the hottest CrossFit athletes, and secretly keep searching new things on Youtube about CrossFit….but haven’t actually contacted a gym.

It’s cool, we realize that from the perspective of someone who’s never done CrossFit, it could be rather intimidating.

Whether it was with CrossFit, a product we were interested in, a place we wanted to visit, etc. We’ve all dreamt about doing something but still had some reservations so instead of jumping in and doing it, we waited. We weren’t really sure what we were waiting for, but it just felt right to wait. Because the only other options were to give up on this thing consuming our brain (which clearly isn’t an option, I mean,…go look at your browser history, you obviously want to do said thing), or to actually do it. Something is keeping you back. Do you want to be doing the same thing 4 weeks from now, just “thinking” about doing it? Figure out what that thing is, then overcome it.

Here are 5 common things keeping people from walking in the door of their local CrossFit gym.

  1. Being scared they aren’t fit enough.
  2. Fearing that they’ll slow everyone else down.
  3. They’re worried that all the other members will judge them based on their current fitness level.
  4. Females might be afraid of becoming “too fit”. (If this is the case, read my blog But I Don’t Know How to Lift Weights: Every Girls’ Nightmare )
  5. Not knowing how to do all those crazy movements seen in the youtube videos.

Let me assure you that all of these things will be put to rest after your first introduction to a well-managed CrossFit gym. These are excuses based on a lack of knowledge. Without having ever experienced a class at a CF gym, it’s impossible to know how it really feels. I personally feel that the big-box gyms with all the machines and mirrors are much more intimidating and judge-y than any CrossFit gym will ever be. Each CrossFit workout is lead by a coach who is focused on each person in the class as an individual. Meaning, each person is NOT required to lift the same amount of weights, do the same amount of reps, or even perform the same exercises as everyone else. No one else in the class is concerned about YOU besides the coach. Therefore, you won’t be slowing anyone down, and no one will be judging you, because no one else is paying attention. You do you, and everyone else is doing the same!

At CrossFit Rampage we continuously have beginners starting, so even though it may be your first day, there might be someone else in your class that has only been there a week or two and they’re just as green as you are. No worries, everyone was a beginner once. I’m going to drop some big new on you now:

IN ALL MY YEARS OF COACHING CROSSFIT, I’VE NEVER ONCE HAD SOMEONE WHO TOLD ME THAT THEY NEEDED TO GET IN SHAPE BEFORE STARTING CROSSFIT ACTUALLY DO IT. Getting in shape to do CrossFit is like saying you have to be good at basketball before you can play basketball. Listen folks, that’s not possible. Plus, if you’re using the excuse of needing to get in shape before you get in shape, you’re really just admitting that you’re not going to start. I’ve yet to have anyone go spend 12 weeks doing “something else” and then come back to the gym and say “Ok, I’m ready now.”

So, get off Instagram, don’t watch another youtube video about how CrossFit will get you so ripped, and contact your local CrossFit gym to see how to get started. You’ll wish you would’ve read this blog a year ago!

If you’re local to Murfreesboro, TN and would like to take action now, click here to set up a free No-Sweat intro. We won’t be working out, rather we’ll have a chat with you about what you’re looking for, how we can help, and how to go about getting started.