When your fitness sweats in the airport.


Blog #9. 1/11/18

Sleep. Eat. Sit. Eat. Sit. Sleep. Repeat.

This is the typical day for way too many people. This is a waste of life. Heaven forbid if some activity presents itself that requires a bit of physical exertion. Like carrying bags in the airport.

Yesterday we were in the Miami airport. An overweight couple was on the same flight as us of which we ended up following all the way to the rental car area. The rental car area wasn’t close. Really, it took us what seemed like forever to get there. My girlfriend and I both had 1 roller bag and 1 additional bag to carry. So did the couple in front of us.
By the time we got to where we were going, about 15 minutes of walking / riding the floor mover thingy / walking, the overweight guy  in front of us was drenched in sweat. I was shocked. We were fine, just bored of walking a mile through the Miami airport.

I’m not bragging. Please don’t misunderstand the purpose of me telling you this. It hit me in that moment, that so many people are not prepared for even the smallest bit of physically demanding activity. This guy was out of breath, and covered in sweat, in a cold airport. If this is your current state of fitness, why not change it? Make all these things that feel difficult, easy again.

A life of home-work-home with no recreation or regularly scheduled physical activity or exercise will lead to drastically decreased health & fitness and an increased susceptibility to disease and health complications. Walking from the car to the office, or unloading a grocery cart of bags in and out of the car does not constitute regular activity. The body needs added physical stress to create positive adaptation (i.e. change). Don’t try to justify walking your dog twice a week as exercise.

Fitness isn’t something that’s just for show and social media. Fitness is for real life things. Having to unload a new charcoal grill out of the bed of a truck and carry it all the way around to the back of the house by yourself requires fitness. Keeping up with children who want to play,…..for 2 hours,…requires fitness. Shoveling snow from a driveway or digging a garden for your spouse. Fitness. Loading luggage bags onto the top of a car and having to stand in weird positions to secure them to the roof rack. Fitness. The list goes on an on, even if we we’re naive about it.

There are so many instances that occur that would make life much easier with just a tick of improved fitness above the baseline of “I don’t do shit.” Let me tell you, that’s a pretty pathetic baseline. The good thing is, it doesn’t take much to change it.

Start by walking on a regular basis. Then increase your speed. Attempt some squats in your living room. Do some push-ups on your knees. Join a gym and find a coach. Start super slow and ease into. If you need the guidance of a coach, don’t be afraid of walking into a gym and asking for help.

At CrossFit Rampage we often get people to join who haven’t worked out in a decade. Those are our best members because they’ve got nothing to lose, and are completely open to our help. We pride ourselves in adjusting exercises and workouts to accommodate each persons’ fitness level.

Don’t sweat in the airport. Go fitness.

If you’re interested in learning more about getting started with CrossFit, click here to book a No Sweat Intro to have a chat with one of the coaches at CrossFit Rampage so we can find out how we can best help you. Even if you’re not local, we’ll get on the phone with you and give you some guidance on how to start where ever you live!