Embarassed in your gym clothes? Don’t be.


Blog #5. 1/6/18

Female gym-wear attire is usually associated with short shorts, tank tops, crops and cute sports bras. That can be quite intimidating to someone who’s not quite comfortable with their body. Luckily, those outfits are still a few months away!

If you’re thinking about getting a gym membership and stepping into the land of sweaty new movements for the first time in awhile, you’ve likely already concerned yourself with “What will I wear.”

I’m speaking from a male perspective, so feel free to judge me, as these are merely my opinions based on what I’ve seen in the gym for years. Women are typically more concerned with the gym outfits than men. Though, many CrossFit men are becoming more diva-esk these days with their matching socks and lulu shorts. We’ll save that for another time. The women though, may even keep themselves from joining the gym based on self-esteem alone and not being comfortable wearing workout clothes.

Gym’s do not have a dress code that requires ladies to wear booty shorts and tanks. So don’t. If you’re not comfortable wearing shorts that expose a lot of leg, and tank tops that show off your sports bra, cool. No problem, and no judgement. Throw on some baggy sweats and a long sleeve shirt and go conquer your workout. It’s actually quite a common look, especially during the winter, to wear layers and over-sized warm clothes. At my gym, CrossFit Rampage, we want you to be able to focus on your workout. The only way to do that is to remove all other distractions and concerns. If you’re super worried the entire workout about the clothes you’re wearing, you likely aren’t going to perform well because you’re too distracted.  Performing well should be more important than worrying about your shorts.

Starting a gym routine in the winter months makes this whole thing easier. It’d be quite difficult to walk into a hot gym in July and expect to be comfortable in pants and long sleeves. So, if you’re a little uncomfortable with being in the gym, start in the winter. Even though people aren’t judging, if you “think” they are, it’ll still worry you. We don’t want you to be worried while working out. We wan’t you to have a great workout.

Here are a few tips for your clothing choices:

  • Make sure you can squat. Do your pants allow you to move all the way to the bottom of a squat without anything bad happening?!
  • Do the bend-in-the-mirror-test. (I’ve heard plenty of girls talk about this, it’s a real thing). All I’ll say on this is: You don’t want your pants to be see-through!
  • Reach up overhead. If you’re hanging from a pull up bar or pressing your arms overhead, your shirt might lift up above your belly button. If you don’t want your stomach showing, do this test before you walk out the door.
  • Athletic shoes over cute shoes. Don’t choose the pair of shoes that are the cutest, rather chose the pair you own that you are most comfortable running and moving around in. You’re going to see a lot of CrossFit-specific shoes in the gym (if you’re attending  a CF gym that is), but they are not required. Yes, they can help, but lets spend some time learning the exercises before dropping $$ on shoes.
  • Sports Bra. This is definitely NOT my field of expertise… just know, you’ll be jumping rope at some point!

Go find your comfy gym clothes and get started today!

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