You BENCHED HOW MUCH in high school?


Blog #4. 1/5/2018

The bench press is the most universally known exercise when referencing “an exercise with weight.”

Think about it, every guy who ever played any sport back in the day, will inevitably bring up how much he used to bench back when he played whatever ball sport.  When a random conversation comes up with a bunch male non-gym goes and they’re talking strength, what lift do you think they mention? Few people out in society are relating strength to the deadlift or squat. Although those are obviously much better indicators of strength; when Uncle Dave wants to impress his nephew, he brings up his high school bench press #.

Even if you’re not familiar with weight rooms and exercise, you likely still know what the term Bench Press means. Well, unfortunately for everyone reading up to this point, this blog has nothing to do with the bench press, or your state record from ’87.

Why is it that most guys like to re-live their glory days or their late teens and early 20’s and always talk about their abilities decades ago. Real talk here: Noone gives a shit. Seriously. I hear it all the time; new guys come into the gym and they want to make themselves look good by telling others how strong they were 24 years ago when they wrestled division 1 and drove a Camaro. Ok, cool, what about now, can you touch your toes? Can you jog a quarter mile and live? Can you even bench press your body weight?

I’m not here to poke fun. Instead, I want to change the conversation and ask you: “How can I help you get back to where you were? Or at least close.”

A common theme I find with people getting back into the gym, who have been out of it  for many years, is that they don’t think they’ll ever be as good as they once were. Maybe that’s the truth, because now you have a career and possibly a family and kids and adult stress. However, can’t we at least try, instead of just reminiscing about the old times. I truly believe that the majority of people in their 30’s and 40’s can still get back into an exercise routine and match their capacity they had back when they were in college. Don’t believe me? Go find a CrossFit gym with really good coaches and a very structured program that focuses on all aspects of fitness, sign up and show up 3-5 days per week every single week for 12 months. You’ll work on lifting technique. And you’ll lift, heavy, and light. You’ll run, long, short, fast, slow. You’ll become more flexible, while also learning new skills.  I’m certain that you’ll be absolutely amazed by the results. Side note: you can’t eat like a dumbass during these 12 months. Cut out all the extra sweets and beer and bullshit and eat real whole foods that were once living or breathing. Add in a multi-vitamin and a ton of water. Try to sleep at least 7hrs a night most nights of the week.

You’ll wake up a year from now challenging the 20yr old version of yourself to sprints and bench press contests. No doubt. And you might even win.

We can help you out, if you’re willing. Click HERE to book a free No Sweat Intro with our head coach. We’ll have a 20-30 minute chat with you about where you are and how we can help you get back on track. Hell, we might even pull out the bench and slap some plates on!