1/8/18 Bike & Wallball intervals



6:00am class on Friday 1/12/18 and Monday 1/15/18 will be moved to 5:30am
Noon class on Wed 1/10 through Monday 1/15 will serve as “open gym” as there will not be a coach on site. The gym will be open and members may show up and go through the class plan written on the whiteboard as per usual as a group. 

Warm Up:

Shin Box S2S x 10
Lying Scorpion x 10
Lying Leg Cross-body x 10
Touch-down squat on 4″ riser 2 x 10ea
Reverse + Forward Lunge on 4″ riser x 16 alternating
Plate G2OH x 10
Up-down to Plate G2OH x 10

Skill, Strength, or Mobility:

5:00 to warm up to a start weight.
Backsquat: 4 x 5 at something heavy. Every 2:30.
*You can go across or increase.
*Don’t go to failure, and don’t search for a 5rm.


Each Round for time:
Bike Cals
Wall Balls
*Rest 3:00 after each round.
*Goal is to increase time each round.

L2: Drop the round of 30, add a round of 10