1/6/18 The fun never ends


Warm Up:

2 sets: (35ft distance)
Skipping Inside Heel taps x Down
Walking Floor Scoops x Back
Bear Crawl x Down
2 sets:
Cuban Press w/ PVC x 8
Reverse Lunge on slider + OH Reach x 5ea
All 4’s Lateral Leg Lift x 10ea
3 Inchworms in place
10 Air Squats
10 Ring Rows

Skill, Strength, or Mobility:

3 sets:
Sliding Plank w/ anchor x 8-10
Landmine Rotation x 12 (add weight as needed)


Teams of 3:
60 Bench Press (185/125)
*(Someone Hanging from Bar while Reps are being) performed
30 Sandbag Over Bar (140/100)
*(High Plank Hold w/ feet on bench)
9 Double KB Farmer Carry Laps (24’s/16’s)
*(Sandbag held in bear hug for entire lap)

  • During the bench:
    One person is bench pressing while one person is spotting and the third person must be hanging from the bar. Reps only count if 1 teammate is hanging.
    Switch as needed.
  • During the sandbag over bar:
    Slide the bench out of the way, and bring the sandbag in near the squat rack. Leave the barbell loaded on the rack. Use this set-up to do the Sandbag-Over-The-Bar. Use the nearby bench for 1 partner to hold a high plank. The third partner rests. Reps are only performed if one partner is in a high plank.
    Switch as needed.
  • During the Farmer carry.
    Each team will have a numbered spot on the permier of the inside lap. In order for a teammate to begin a farmer carry lap, the sandbag must be held up in the bear hug position. The farmer walk can not proceed unless the sandbag is up. Switching can only occur on the numbered station.
    Switch as needed.