1/31/18 To Get Stronger or Not to Get Stronger?

Pigeon Stretch x1:00ea
Band Walks x10ea
Leg Swings x10ea
DB Push Press 2×8
Ring Row 2×6
DB OH Split Squat 2x5ea
Box Step-ups x14
Wall-Ball 2×8  Warm-up Squat  x4:00
Strength Work:
A.) Box Squats 4×5 60%
*Rest 2:00 between each set*
B.1) Plate Push-Ups 4×12 scale to knees
B.2) Banded Pulldowns 4×15 Heavy
C.1) BB Split Squat 3x6ea Medium
C.2) Manual Hamstring 3x10ea
C.3) Iron Cross Walk 3x75ft Light
*Rest as Needed on all Sets*