1/18/18 Partners on Thursday


Warm Up:

Lunge + Torso Twist x 10
Long Lunge + Upward Twist x 10
Straight Leg Bear Crawl x Down
Partner Wheelbarrow x 2 sets each
Seal Crawl: 2 x 35′
Alt D.Dog w/ Toe Reach x 12
Plank Reach Through & Twist x 6ea
w/ 5lbs:
2 sets:

  • Seated Internal Rotation: 10ea
  • Static Good Morning + OH Lift: 10

Skill, Strength, or Mobility:

EMOTM x 8 for practice:
Evens: Practice kipping pull-ups
Odds: Max Rep Double Unders in 35 seconds.

*If you do not posses the strength to practice kipping pull-ups, do a complex of: 8 Hanging Shrugs + 8 Hollow Swings + 8 Hanging Shrugs. Maintain a tight hollow body


In a team of 2 or 3:
Row 1,000m (split any way)
20 Lengths Sandbag Bear Hug Carry (140/100)
Row 1,000m
20 Lengths Plate stack push on slider (3 x 45lbs / 2 x 45lbs)
Row 1,000m
30 Lengths Farmer Carry (2 x “anything over 50lbs / 2 x “anything over 30lbs)