1/11/18 Theres a touch of running



6:00am class on Friday 1/12/18 and Monday 1/15/18 will be moved to 5:30am
Noon class on Wed 1/10 through Monday 1/15 will serve as “open gym” as there will not be a coach on site. The gym will be open and members may show up and go through the class plan written on the whiteboard as per usual as a group. 

Warm Up:

2 sets of:
Banded Pull Throughs x 10
Seated Banded Face Pulls x 12
Push Up to D.Dog x 5
Sit-up to straddle & reach x 8
Reverse Lunge off 6″ riser x 10ea

Skill, Strength, or Mobility:

3 sets:
KB Single Leg RDL x 8ea at SLOW Tempo
Pike ups on Slider x 8-12
Single Arm Upright Row x 6ea at SLOW Tempo


7:00 easy effort amrap
Row 250/200m
1 lap inside Bear Hug walk (100/60lb Sandbag)
1:00 rest
7:00 easy effort amrap
Bike 15/12 Cals
20 Box Steps ups w/ Single KB Front Rack (10each side)
1:00 rest
7:00 easy effort armrap
Run 200m
10 Contralateral Stand to Tall Kneel (Switch at 5)
*Hold 2 light DB’s, one hanging at side, one overhead. From a standing position, reverse lunge, then bring 2nd leg to knee as well. From here, both knees are on the ground. Now stand back up.