12/18/17……….Squats in the Front


Warm Up:

Jog 2 Laps inside gym
Bear Crawl FWD 50′
Reverse Samson Lunge x 50″
Tempo Air Squat 33X1 x 5
3 Position Post Supported Squat x 5
Single leg Kneeling hip stretch x 10ea (squeeze butt and shift forward)
Lying Hamstring Floss x 5ea w/ Pause
Wall Ball: 5 x 2, catch off bounce, 1 breath, repeat.

Strength Work:

A.) Find a 3RM Front Squat in 15:00

B.1) BB Strict Press/Push Press/ PushJerk – 4x5ea…..Start light, and increase weight each set.

B.2) DB Staggered Stance RDL – 4x6ea…….Medium Weight

B.3) Seated Band Lat Pulldown w/ a Pause  – 4×12…One thick band tied to the rack.

*Rest as Needed*

C.1) DB Bi/Tri – 3x10ea

*If time allows*