11/8/17 Snatch Work & Abs


Warm Up:

PVC Around the world x 6ea
PVC Pass Through x 8
PVC Good Morning x 10

3 sets of:
25 Single Unders
8 Alt Light DB Snatches
4 PVC Vertical Dip HPSnatch.

Skill, Strength, or Mobility:

A) 3 Position Snatch Pull (High Hang / Above Knee / Below Knee).
EMOTM x 5 @ 60% (aka, light)

B) 2 Position Squat Snatch (Above Knee + Below Knee)
E90Sec x 6. Start at 65% and build to 80%


Not For Time:

4-5 sets:
:20 Second Bent Knee Hollow Hold
8each Single Arm OH Situp (KB or DB)
200′ Single Arm Farmer Carry (1 arm per round, alternate arms each round)