11/27/17 The Coldness


Warm Up:

2 sets of:
1:00 Bike @ 250/200watts
10 Russian KBS
10 Walking Lunges (no weight)
3 Inchworms
2 sets:
12 Shin-Box Side to Side
6 Barbell Upright Row
6 Barbell Front Squats

Warm-up to 75% of Front Squat Max

Strength Work:

A.1) Front Squat 4×4 @ 75% of 1rm

A.2) BB Bent-Over Row with Pause – 4×6….Heavy

A.3) DB Push Press – 4×8….Heavy

*Rest as Needed*

B.1) Sandbag Overhead Carry 3x50ft…As Heavy as Possible

B.2) DB 3-way Lunge 3x5ea…..Light

B.3) Banded Face Pulls with Pause 3×15…Band is eye level around post

*Rest as Needed*