11/20/17…….Are you thankful for sandbags?


Warm Up:

Same as the Wod…Almost

2 sets:
Duck Walk x 35′ (pull up rack length)
Seal Crawl (on slider) x 35ft
Lunge x 35′
2 sets:
6 Hollow Swings + 6 Shrugs
10 Squat jumps
8 Empty Bar Strict Press
4 Inchworms + Push-up

Strength Work:

A.1) Sandbag Over the Shoulder Gauntlet – 4×6……..Everyone Starts at the 60lb, do one rep at each weight as fast as possible. Work your way up to what you can handle on the sandbag. So if you only do 6 reps at the 60lb, then so be it. The goal however is to go as heavy as possible. The ideal set would look like 60-80-100-120-140-165.

A.2) SA DB Overhead Squat – 4x5ea

A.3) Plate Raise – 4×10……Men – 45lb, Women -25lb…..Raise all the way overhead

*Rest as Needed*

B.1) Ring Row with Pause – 3×10

B2.) Plate Pinch Walk – 3x50ft….As Heavy as Possible

B.3.) Banded Upright Row – 3×15….Use a thicker band

*Rest as Needed*

C.) 50 DB Tricep Kickbacks/50 DB Hammer Curls …………IF TIME ALLOWS