10/30/17 Korey told me to do it…..


Warm Up:

In Any Order:
Bike 15 Cals
Row 12 Cals
Single Under x 40
Suitcase KB DL x 8ea
Sumo KB DL x 12
S.A. KB Thruster + OH Reverse Lunge x 4 each side
Seated Shin-Box S2S x 12
Cossack x 10
Reverse Samson Lunge x 8
Inchworm x 5

Strength Work:

In 10:00 do 5 warm-up sets of back squats….work up to 70% of 1RM, once you get there then:

1×20 at 70% Backsquat

This is meant to be very hard, reps 15-20 you should question your ability to continue, But DO NOT STOP. Power through!

Accessory Work:

Sandbag on the Shoulder Lunges – 4×12

MB Groin – 4x:30……Lay on the ground, legs bent,Feet on the ground Place the MB Between your knees and                                                  crunch and squeeze your knees for :30.

Banded Sit-Ups – 4×10…….Place a band around the bottom of the rack. Place ab mat further away from rack to                                                        where the band is tight when you lay down. Hold the band behind your head, and                                                            sit up. The band should have tension constantly.

Bent Over Row – 4×6          Heavier than last week