10/25/2017 Strength is Relative


Warm Up:

Jump rope:
4 sets:
20 Singles
4 Up downs
Bear Crawl x D
Figure 4 x B
Reverse Bear Crawl x D
Duck Walk x B
2 sets:
Ring Row x 8

Warm- Up on Bench


Strength Work:

A.1) Close Grip Bench -5×3                                         Increase each set, start at 60%

A.2) SA Bent-over DB Row – 5x8ea                           Try to get Heavy on this

B.1) SA KB Overhead Squat – 3-4x5ea                     Medium weight

B.2) Iron Cross Walk – 3-4x50ft                                     Same as last week, try to go heavier if you can

B.3) Manual Resistance Chest Flys – 3-4×10           Lay on bench, Keep arms straight, Partner applies resistance at                                                                                                  wrist, keep constant tension through the concentric and                                                                                                                eccentric phase of the movement until all 10 reps are                                                                                                                         completed. It should be hard, and burn.