10/11/2017 More Squats………………..jk

Jog/Bike/Row x2:00 MB Partner Abs
PVC Good Morning x8 Toe Touches x10
PVC Alt Lunge x8ea Sit-Up & Reach x10
PVC Squat x8 Sit-Up & Chest Pass x10
PVC Cossack x8ea Sit-Up & Overhead Toss x10
PVC Kayak/Ovr/Back x8ea Ft Elevated Lateral Throw x10ea
Workout – Partner/4 minutes of work
Station 1 Station 2 Station 3 Station 4 Station 5
Sandbag Shoulder press over the head Renegade Rows MB Reverse Overhead Toss Barbell hold 1-Arm KB Thruster
Sets of 10 Sets of 10 Sets of 5 Sets of 5 Sets of 5
Heavy as Possible Heavy as Possible 20ft from wall use your bodyweight Heavy
1 Rep = 1 Rep 1 Rep = 1 Rep 1 rep = 1 Rep Accumulate most time in the 4:00 window 1 rep = 1 Rep
 Right to Left, etc.  Right, then Left
Assistance/Isolation Work
Manual Resistance Shoulder Raises 2x10ea Front/Lateral/Rear On the shoulder raises, provide just enough resistance on your partner to allow them move through full range of motion. The movement should be difficult on the way up and on the way down, Do not rest until all reps are completed.
DB Lying Tricep Ext 3×15 Medium
DB Curl 3×12 Medium