9/27/17 Pump It Up

Toe Touches xD/B Band Groin x20
Samson Lunge xD/B Band Hip Flexor x20ea
Inchworm x8 Band GM x20
Downward Dog x8 Pull-Aparts x20
Supermans x8 Strict Press Warm-Up  x4:00
Main Strength Work 
Strict Press  Every @ 2:30
1×8 65%
1×8 70%  Strict Pull-ups 4×5
1×6 75%  Do these in-between sets of Strict Press
1×6 80%
1×4 85%
Accessory Work
BB Row 4×8 Heavy Rest as Needed
DB Bench Press 4×8-12 55%
MB Push-Ups 3x12ea 3 hand positions

After you are done with this, IF YOU CHOOSE:

100 DB Curls

100 Banded Overhead Tricep Extensions

You can break up the reps as you need.