8/7/17 Ready set hold


Warm Up:

10each direction PVC Around the world
10 Pass Throughs
10ea Dynamic Grasshopper
1:00 of: Push Up negative + Hips Down P.U. + Jump to Stand
5sec on 5off x 5: Face Up Plank
10ea Suitcase DL (16/12kg)
1:00 of S.A. Russian KBSwings Alternating 5’s
2 x Jog 240′ shuttle  (120×2)
Bike x Shuttle Time

Skill, Strength, or Mobility:

(Post-WOD today, see below)


4 rounds:
In 2:00:
20 Sit ups
AMRAP Burpees
For 1:00:
Double KB Front Rack Hold (2 x 24 / 16kg)
Rest 1:00

Post-WOD Accessory:

3 sets of:
15 Lateral  Single Leg Slides (each)
8ea. Single Arm OH DB Lunge (you pick)