8/10/17 Movement is priority


Warm Up:

2 sets of:
Banded Pull Throughs x 10
Pigeon pose to D.Dog (L+R = 1) x 3
Sit-up to straddle & reach x 8
Box Step Up + High Knee x 12 Alt

Discuss Cossack squat and points of performance
*determine whether to weight or not for skill work.

Skill, Strength, or Mobility:

4 sets:
10 Shin Box S2S
8 Weighted Cossacks (KB, goblet style)
6 Weighted DB Sit-ups
-rest as needed between movements and sets.

*If cossack movement cannot be performed properly, do not use weight, and instead support yourself by holding onto something sturdy in front of you.


For 15 minutes:
3 minute Farmer Carry, moderate pair of DB’s or KB’s
1:00 Double KB Front Rack Wall Sit
3 minute DB Burpee Step Ups
1:00 Double KB Front Rack Wall Sit
3 minute Row @ 28+ s/m, Damper at 1
1:00 Wall Sit (no KB’s this time
3 minute Bike @ 20+/17+ mph

*You can place the “3 Min” parts wherever you’d like, but keep the wall sits in order so the unweighted one is last.