Need a place to workout?


CrossFit Rampage loves fitness, and we’ve got a membership for you.
Maybe you’re a beginner? Or maybe not.
You like to lift heavy, and thats all, cool. We like you.
Runner who needs some supplemental work? Perfect.
You like to swing kettle bells and do push-ups and lots of stretching? You’re in too.
Training for a weightlifting or powerlifting meet, or following individualized CrossFit programming? We’ve got the place you want to call home.
Globo gyms are littered with people who don’t have the same mindset, the same drive and determination that you do, and we understand that that can be frustrating.  You train for performance, and you want to be around other like-minded people, therefore, we have a membership just for you.

*We can also write individualized strength/conditioning programming for those interested in a more personal approach to your specific interest.

Click HERE for our list of membership Options. 

The down-low on OPEN GYM:

$50/month re-occurring membership. No contract.
Limited hours.
6am-7:30 M/T/W/F
10:00am-1:30pm M/T/W/Th/F
3:00pm-8:00 M-F
10:00am-11:30 Sat

Due to limited space, you must be accepted for the membership based on goals/personality. We’ll let you come workout for a day to try out the gym and for us to get a feel for if you’ll be a fit for the gym. We currently have a few Olympic weightlifters, a couple power lifters and some competitive CrossFitters.

What we have:
4,000sq ft of open floor space when CrossFit classes are not happening.
1,200q ft of floor space available when CrossFit Classes are in session.
2 Showers, and mens/womens changing rooms.
Plenty of 45lb barbells and weights for any type of strength training, as well as 35lb, 22lb, and 15lb training bars. Lots of squat racks, pull-up bars, rowers, kettle bells, wall balls and gymnastics rings.
Other things often desired by individual gym-goers, of which we have: Schwinn Air Dyne, Olympic Jerk Boxes, Sleds, Prowler, Heavy Tires, Climbing Ropes, Battling  Ropes.