Lets talk about your good looks.


We all want to feel better, to look better, to be better…. so lets talk about who you are, and what you want.29761458091_eaf52301b3_z

You want to look good…?

You want to feel good…?

You want to perform good…?

Maybe you don’t even want to settle for the word good, maybe you want GREAT?

Frankly, we at CrossFit Rampage don’t know what it is you want, or need,..that is, until we meet you, work with you, and get to know you. You are a unique character. Your job is different than the next person. Your hairstyle is unique to you. Your childhood may not be like the rest of ours. Your self-esteem and confidence may be through the roof or in the gutter. You may like cats. You may like dogs. You are a city person, or maybe a country person. Although there are thousands upon thousands of characterics specific to you and only you, we understand you, even without understanding you. That is because in CrossFit everyone is welcome, and everyone is welcomed. Re-read that.

You may not be an ex-athlete, fitness enthusiast, or even one with a passion for health, but you are still human, and you still have a muscular, skeletal, and cardiovascular system that needs constant work and upkeep in order to function at its best. You’d probably like to  go an entire year without getting sick or injured, without having to take medicine, and without worrying about your check-up with the doctor going south. It’s probably also likely that you’d enjoy looking in the mirror and liking what you see, along with having the ability to complete simple daily physical tasks that you at one time couldn’t.

You’ve probably thrown the occasional football or frisbee, chased a dog or child, played a recreational sport or helped someone lift something into the back of a truck or onto a porch. It’s these simple things in life that get most people injured on a regular basis. Forget tornados and car crashes, we’re talking about the simple things in life that we should be able to do, without thinking or worrying about, and not have to worry about sustaining a torn this or a strained that. A strong and healthy version of YOU is a more bulletproof version of you who can get away with sillyrowinghaving a lot more fun with less concern about possible risks.

Your journey into starting CrossFit is going to involve a little bit of worry and some stress, and we get that. These are the natural things that keep us safe. Without worry and  a touch of fear, we would all think we’re superman and would get hurt doing a lot of stuff we otherwise shouldnt be doing. When you begin CrossFit you’ll quickly find out about muscles you didnt know you had. Soreness in places you didnt know you could get sore. You’ll find that you possess strengths in some areas that you never guessed and you’ll be thrilled. Also, unfortunately, you’ll find out about things that you aren’t so good at (for now) and lack the ability to do.

Learning to understand these things about yourself is priceless. It’s like being your own mechanic to your own car; you’ll keep it up and running (and running well) all the time and never worry about it all of a sudden breaking down. Once you begin to understand what you can and can’t do, and make everything a “can do” and then make those same things “can do better” you’ll then realize how important it is to be involved in a health and fitness community that teaches, educates, and fosters an improved YOU.

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