Foundations: How it works



You want to try out CrossFit because you heard a friend or co-worker say it was a great way to get in shape?
Well they were right!
You want to lose weight? Gain muscle? Look better? Feel better? Be a better athlete? Get stronger? Become more explosive? Faster? More flexible?… Or maybe you don’t even know why you’re trying besides your friend told you too or you heard about it online. We’ll discuss with you personally, your immediate and future goals. The good thing is, all of these goals begin at the same place. Understanding basic human movement, practicing it, then increasing the level of difficulty.

However, this isn’t something you want to jump head-first into without knowing what you’re doing. That’s why we have a very detailed 6 day Foundations Program that everyone, yes everyone, must go through prior to starting a membership at CrossFit Rampage.

The first two days of the Foundations Program here at CrossFit Rampage are free.¬†Following the first 2 free classes, you will then be able to opt-in for $100 to the remainder of the foundations program. The program in full is 2 and a half weeks. M/Th/M/Th/M. We’re going to teach you how to properly move (exercise) via exercises like squats, pushups, barbell work, pull ups, jumping rope, etc. We also include mini-lectures on topics helpful to your fitness journey, i.e. Why you need Intensity. How CrossFit works for you. What you need to know about nutrition. Upon completing the foundations program you will have the necessary tools and confidence to sign up for one of our membership packages and start regularly participating in CrossFit.


Days 1 & 2 are free.
$100 to complete days 3-5.
Group Class Format, up to ~8 people.
Each class is approximately ~75-90 minutes.
These classes run on Monday/Thursday at 6:30pm, re-starting every 4th week. Please contact as, or, or simply fill out the contact form on the right side of this page to see when the next course starts.
These classes will focus on basic bodyweight and barbell movments like burpees, box jumps, lunges, squats, jumping rope, kettle bell swings, front/back squats, deadlifts, presses/push presses/push jerks. Sound foreign to you? Perfect, thats why we’re here; to help coach you!