1/18/16 Day 1 of Strong Fun



Jog 2 laps inside
Bear Crawl D/B
Push-up + Air-Squat + Broad Jump x D
Reverse Lunge + Reach back x B
Band Pull-apart x 20
Banded Good Morning x 15
Banded Air Squat x 10

Barbell Up &,
Snatch set-up x 5sec hold + 3 DL x 3
Front Rack Lunge x 10 w/ no knee touch.


A) 12 minutes to find:
Work to a heavy 3rep Snatch Grip DL

B) 3×6 @ 75% of A
(No time)

C) 10minutes to find.
Find a 6rm front rack Lunge
*scaled to DB step ups

D1) 3 x 15 goblet squats
D2) 3 x 15 DB weighted sit-ups
(No time)