1/14/16 A Strength kind of day.


Warm Up:

Tabata x 3 sets of:
High Knees
Side shuffle shuttle x 10m (pull up rack length)
Air Squats

Pt.1. of Hip Mobility listed below.

5 x (1) Inchworm + 3 Up-downs
5 x Push-up + D.Dog w/ 3sec hold.
15 x Hollow Rock

Skill, Strength, or Mobility:



60 Feet In each Direction, Lateral Duck Walks (D/B length of pull up rack x 2)

Accumulate 2 Minutes at the Bottom of a Sumo Squat

1 x 10ea, Supine Sciatic Nerve Flossing


2 x 15 Dumbbell Pull Overs (1 Minute Rest)

2 x 10, Back Against the Wall Arm Slides



2 x 10ea Pistols From Top of Box (Suggested Height is 30″, rest leg should be free hanging and in no hip flexion) (immediate transition left to right)


2 x 10, Prone/Incline Y-T-W, 2.5# Each Hand (immediate transition from Y, to T, to W. 1 minute rest between sets)

2 x 10, Barbell Roll Out, (15b plates minimum) (1 minute rest)


*Inside 15 minutes*
5-4-3-2-1 Push press followed by 1 front squat each set.
-rest 3:00
*Take 50% of your heaviest set*
Perform 3 sets of 12 overhead walking lunges.