Need help training for an event?

photo courtesy Bruce Dall (
(photo courtesy Bruce Dall)

Need help getting prepared for that fitness related event you just signed up for?
-Adventure Races
-Sprint Triathalons
-5k run
-A weekend hiking trip with friends
-A sporting tournament

CrossFit has shown to be a very effect method of training for multiple types of fitness events outside of the sport of CrossFit itself. Lets look at the components that we train for in CrossFit on a daily basis:

(to name a few)

Now lets look at what a typical gym routine based off of machine exercises trains you for:

Increased muscle mass (not necessarily attributed to increased “useable” strength).
Improved physical appearance.

Regardless of what type of weekend warrior fitness event you have signed up for, its certain that you will need some of the athletic based components of fitness that CrossFit promotes. Through a combination of weightlifting, gymnastics, skill & flexibility training, and mixed modality workouts that can be short, long, heavy, light and varied in an endless number of patterns, you are sure to drastically improve your preparedness for your upcoming fitness event.

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