6/22/15 Revisiting the Roots

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When someone gets their level 1 CrossFit certification, they know everything….. Just kidding. However, it is a ridiculous amount of knowledge that no one in the world who hasn’t attended the seminar can relate to. It is literally life-changing knowledge that challenges anything you’ve ever known about fitness, and makes it all seem so simple to understand. Upon completing the certification seminar most people continue doing CrossFit themselves, then maybe start training friends in their garage, fall in love with coaching, open up a gym, and before they know it 5 years have passed. Five years after getting the level 1 certification, it is required by CF HQ that you re-certify by attending the same 2 day seminar and test that you had 5 years prior.

That’s what I spent my whole weekend doing out at CrossFit Mayhem in Cookeville.

Going into it, I was annoyed at the process, having to re-do something I’d already done and spent the past 5 years learning and building on. I mean c’mon, was it expected that I’d gotten dumber? I quite honestly thought it was a silly requirement and that a “level up” option should be available as to not have to sit with the noobs for 2 days learning about the foundations of CrossFit.

Boy did my mind change in 2 days.

I absolutely loved it all over again. I am now 100% glad I went through the 2 day seminar again. The knowledge was already there from the past 5 years of using it on a daily basis, however, what it did do was take me back to the basics of CrossFit. Constantly varied, functional movements executed at a high intensity. It was a reminder that our job is simply training regular people who just want to be healthier and get fit. I was reminded this weekend that the workouts don’t have to be flashy, and that 99.9% of people aren’t training for Regionals or the Games. That nutrition and perfecting movement are more important than how fast you get a WOD done. That it’s ok to spend 25 minutes working on technique with a PVC pipe to then only do an 8 minute workout. That its fine to just lift heavy for the WOD and call it a day. That the effort is more important than how much someone lifts. That a group of 20 people can learn to snatch in 20 minutes and that it doesn’t have to be “perfect” to move on. Needless to say, I’m now glad that a 5 year renewal is a requirement, and that I’ve been cleared of all the fog and distractions that have grown with CrossFit in the past 5 years and have rediscovered my roots.
Huge shout-out to Greg Glassman, and all the “red shirts” out their teaching the CrossFit methodology every weekend across the world.
Big thanks to the seminar staff from this weekend,
James Hobart
Chuck Carswell
Donavan DeGrie
Megan Burns
Julie Foucher
Donny Forbis

And with that… Lets get back to basics Rampage. Expect to see less work programmed (as in lifting + conditioning not in every class) and instead more time for practice and learning!

Warm Up:

Alternate every 30 seconds for 3 minutes
-Jump Rope Singles
-Bottom of squat hold (use a KB or plate to help with position)

10 reps each
Sumo reaching G2OH
Good Morning
Torso twists in Good Morning
Samson Lunge
Incline Push-up
Hanging Scap Retraction (5) + Hollow Swing (5)
BB Back Rack/front rack stretch

Skill, Strength, or Mobility:

Coach led bamboo stick movements.
-Front squat

Once proficient, move to the Barbell.

SHOW up at 7:00 tonight for a Competitors class!

15 Thrusters (95/65)
12 Burpees (6ish” target)

L2: 75/55
L3: 65/45
L4: 55/35

*Scale so the workout is under 10 minutes.