The 5th annual-2

WHAT: Individual Rx’d ONLY. Partial scaling allowed. (As put last year, it’s “moderately Rx’d”)
WHO: Competitive minded CrossFitters who are doing the majority of your gyms workouts Rx’d with little to no scaling).
WHY: Because we give the people what they want.

The Christmas Throwdown has become a staple in the local CrossFit Competition scene in Middle Tennessee. Since its debut at Rampage 1.0 in December of 2011 we have continued to host this 1 day, Rx’d only, competition every year because the people love it. We truly enjoy being able to provide a thorough one day test for our local CrossFit athletes to see how your training from the previous year(s) has served you. This years test may be the best yet at testing overall “Fitness” as opposed to who is the best at “CrossFit workouts.”

The idea behind the CFRCTD5 is not to re-invent another way of throwing workouts into a chipper, or see what fancy combination we can put together for a couple, triplet or 8 minute amrap that kicks you in the @#$%, just for the sake of sweating and beating yourself up. Rather, we are going to have specific events that test different area’s of your overall fitness. Don’t you worry, we’ll still have some classic CrossFit. Lets take examples from some tests in the past that we have done in the Christmas Throwdown series that fall more into “individual fitness testing” rather than “testing CrossFit wods”

-Max wattage power output on the rower
-1rm deadlift (2012), 1rm front squat (2013), 1rm push jerk (2013),  1rm snatch (2011)
-Max height vertical jump
-5/10/5 yd shuttle sprint
-1.5mile run (2014)
-Gymnastics specific crossfit workouts (Annie got skills. 2014)
-Endurance (aerobic) specific crossfit workouts (little train run Kelly 2012, – Elevation Isabel 2013)
-Individualized skill specific (Max UB muscle ups. 2012, – 30 MU for time 2014, – Max UB Double Unders. 2012)
-Fatigue-recovery test (4min amrap + 4min rest + 7 min couplet ladder. 2013)
-Muscular Endurance (The Big Clean Complex. 2014)

We don’t want to keep secrets from you this year, (at least not many) so we’ll be releasing this years events so that you can try them out ahead of time and know what to expect.


See THE EVENT WEBSITE for more details and information. 

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