3/19/15 Its all FUN

CrossFit Rampages newest member, Karen Bradshaw, learning how to snatch. Quiet well I might add!

Thursday March 19th, 2015

Warm Up:

Jog 320m
10 Good Morning
10 Bamboo OHS Air Squat
10ea Plank Knee Tuck to Kick Back
10 Sit-up to straddle & reach
10 Strict T2B -or- Knee raise w/ pause.

Skill, Strength, or Mobility:



Perform all 3 parts, in any order you’d like.
A) Row 1,500m @ (see pace guide below)

B) Inside 15 minutes:
Bench Press, 5 x 3 ^

C) Inside 10 minutes:
Work to a heavy complex:
Vertical Snatch + High Hang Snatch.
-or- (if OHS needs work)
Work to a moderate 4 rep OHS from rack.

*How to choose your rowing pace:
I have a recorded M.E. 500m:
=Your 500m split is +30s to your M.E. 500 for todays row.
I have a recorded M.E. 2000m:
=Your 500m split is +10s to your M.E. 2k for todays row.
I have both of the above:
=Go with the faster one.

I dont have either of the above:

=Fellas stay below 2:00/500m, Ladies below 2:12/500m if possible.